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Salaam Calendar

Weekly 2016 calendar featuring photos by 53 of the coolest Muslim Instagrammers from around the world with a % of proceeds going to the Mediterranean Refugee Crisis.

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The truth is calendars have become uncool. After a 2000 year reign, paper calendars seem to have made an exit along with cellphones with buttons, paper maps, dial-up internet and chat rooms. We know that the only time you might end up with an actual calendar is when you pick up one of those free flimsy calendars at the mosque that doubles up as an advert for the local butchery or those annual ones from annoying corporate filled with 12 of the most clichéd stock images you’ve ever seen. We get it, you’re probably not a fan.

Well, we at 14hundred thought it was about time old-school calendars made a comeback. Real paper calendars that sit in one spot on your desk, not desktop. The thing about a real paper calendar is you wont develop eye-strain from staring at it, people will admire it as they walk by your desk and you can actually flip the pages and feel the tactile sensation of paper between your fingers. Research shows (yes, we checked) that we are likely to be more immersed and transported by text and images if they are on paper rather than a screen. If you aren’t sold yet, 14hundred tried to give the calendar a new twist:

– Instead of the standard monthly calendar, we went with a weekly one because let’s get real, looking at one image for 30 whole days is boring. So that’s more than 53 calendar pages on a ringbound desk calendar with an attached stand.

– The featured photos. For a few years now we’ve been scrolling through our Instagram feeds with great amazement at the sheer talent of Muslim Instagrammers from around the world, so we decided to invite 53 of the most interesting Grammers (and kindest for contributing and responding to our stream of demanding emails) to contribute one of the photos to the calendar. In addition to their incredible images, we’ve captured a bit about each of them and hope reading about their art, storytelling, sports, professions, passion for good causes,ventures and businesses serves as an inspiration to anyone flipping through.

– The photos are perforated so you can detach them effortlessly and write on the back of the card – a reminder or a note to a friend/colleague (yes, we’re trying to bring back notes too).

– Mostly ,and the real reason you should buy this calendar, 10% of the proceeds will be donated to Islamic Relief’s Mediterranean Refugee Crisis Fund. Taking a cue from our theme ‘Salam’ (peace), we thought it only fitting that we support this cause. 2015 has been a politically tumultuous year for humans around the globe and we have been particularly saddened by the ongoing war in Syria. The plight of refugees forced to cross perilous oceans to reach a place of safety and peace has deeply affected us and would like to give everyone an opportunity to make a small contribution to this cause.

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