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For a few years now we’ve been scrolling through our Instagram feeds with great amazement at the sheer talent of Muslim Instagrammers from around the world, so we decided to invite 53 of the most interesting Grammers (and kindest for contributing and responding to our stream of demanding emails) to contribute one of the photos to our 2016 calendar.

In addition to their incredible images that are included in the calendar, we’ve captured a bit about each of them and hope that through reading about their art, storytelling, sports, professions, passion for good causes, ventures and businesses you are as inspired and in awe as we are. Hover over the pins below to learn a bit more about each contributor to the Salaam Calendar.


Environmental Specialist & Surf Coach, South Africa

Siraj Paruk has a passion for the environment and the ocean. He is an Environmental Specialist by profession and one of a few Muslim Indian surfers in South Africa. In 2014, he decided to involve himself in surf coaching with the aim of motivating and inspiring fellow Muslims to experience the wonders of surfing and the ocean.

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Artist Designer, USA

Wafa Taame is an art Designer and educator. After her Fine Arts Studies and attending Architecture school in Morocco, she worked for 11 years at Ubisoft (video game company). Most recently, she founded Wafa Islamic Arts and has participated in exhibitions internationally.

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Art director, Egypt

Ahmad El-Abi (1984) is an Egyptian artist who studied medicine but found his true passion and devotion in conceptual arts & photography. He manages his projects from a conceptual stage to the final product creation. His photos reflect a variety of subjects inspired by everyday experiences.

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Artist, UAE

Amira Rahim is a contemporary abstract artist based in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Originally from the US, she established her art practice in the UAE several years ago and continues to work on her craft. Her works are perfect for personal or commercial interior design projects.

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Accounts Manager, South Africa

Mahmood is the accounts manager for @travelwildsa and is based in Durban, an east coast city in sunny South Africa. He pursues photography as a hobby and enjoys capturing wildlife and scenes from the local seashore. He believes there is great truth in the saying: ‘Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of nowhere. And sometimes, in the middle of nowhere, you find yourself.’

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Calligraphy/Graffiti artist, Netherlands

ILLM is the pseudonym of visual artist Qasim Arif, whose work is inspired by Arabic calligraphy and street art. Some of his calligraffiti inspired work has been published in the book Arabic Graffiti, which was an international success and the authoritative work on this topic. He has also exhibited in Berlin, London and Dubai.

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Chronic DIY-er, South Africa

Sabeeha Jhetam is a full time corporate employee in the hub of Sandton, Jo’burg; balancing it out through meditation, horse riding and flitting between an array of creative media. She can be mawkishly sentimental and enjoys searching for meaning in the humdrum of everyday life.

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Film Director, Bahrain

Saleh Nass is a Bahraini filmmaker. His award-winning shorts ‘Game’, ‘Central Market’ and ‘PickUp’ were Official Selections at over 30 festivals worldwide, including Slamdance, the Montreal World Film Festival, Tampere Short Film Festival and Dresden International Short Film Festival. He writes, edits, directs, produces and co-runs a bustling production house in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

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Model, United Kingdom

Mariah Idrissi is a half Moroccan half Pakistani 23 year old. She recently graduated in English literature. She is a model and was most recently featured in H and M’s ad campaign. She is also a motivational speaker and co-owns Salon Marrakesh in the UK.

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Organic Butcher, USA

Honest Chops is a local and organic halal butcher shop in New York City specializing in meat that is free of antibiotics, hormones, & steroids. Honest Chops is owned by Russell Khan, an entrepreneur with a focus on businesses that improve the lives of the Ummah and brings about mutual benefit to society at large.

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Artist and Designer, USA

Sarah Siddiqui is an Artist and Graphic Designer based in Orlando, FL. She has been a creative since she was a child and has a continuing passion for making things with her hands. Having dabbled in different arts and crafts, Sarah has established a personal style of whimsical drawing and illustration that involves highly intricate yet playful line-work and watercolors.

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Multimedia Developer, Pakistan

Abid Ali is a multimedia developer who resides in Pakistan. Abid has an eye for historic architecture and enjoys capturing the beauty of his home country through his lens. Abid’s Instagram feed showcases Pakistan’s diverse architectural styles and his photos are often paired with profound quotes from Rumi and others.

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Photographer, India

A self-taught photographer, Asif Khan loves to tell stories. Currently, he is working on subjects that portray the human condition which surrounds his environment, through the themes of identity, migration and socio-cultural tradition.

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Muslim Lifestyle Store, Canada

Sudduf Wayne is an entrepreneur with the vision of spreading the love & beauty of Islam. She owns and operates Salam Shop with a fabulous team of people who believe that Islam can be easily integrated into the daily lives of modern Muslims through high quality and carefully curated products. She is changing the face of Muslims in business through professional and ethical business practices.

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Graphic Designer/Photographer, South Africa

Yusuf Dajee stumbled upon graphic design while working at an advertising agency during the Summer of 2007. He then took it upon himself to master the art and currently works as a freelance graphic designer and photographer in South Africa.

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Couture Designer, United Kingdom

Rima Tadmory is a haute couture designer based in the UK. Her childhood dream was to one day create her very own luxury brand of clothing. Today she specialises in bridal gowns for women all over the globe - in particular she takes pride in accommodating modesty within her work. Each piece is handmade to a high level of craftsmanship and bespoke individuality that reflects every unique soul that adorns it.

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Online Store, South Africa

14hundred is a South African based online start-up store specialising in novelty, practical and quirky Muslim products. All their products are combined with social causes and skills development. 14Hundred ships worldwide.

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Humanitarian, Denmark

Altaf Makhiawala has over eight years of work experience in media and communications and currently provides communication support to the private sector fundraising service of UNHCR in Copenhagen. Altaf is an avid urban cyclist and is passionate about peddling cycling portraits from Copenhagen and wherever else his travels may take him.

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Student, Germany

Gulan Hamabor’s parents migrated from a Kurdish town in Iraq to Germany as refugees. Gulan is a student that loves books and writing fantasy fiction. Gulan believes that beauty can be found everywhere and tries to share this perspective with the world through her photography and writing.

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Engineer and Activist, Australia

Yassmin Abdel-Magied is a mechanical engineer, writer, social commentator and advocate for the empowerment of youth and women. The Sudanese-born Australian works full time as an engineer on offshore oil and gas rigs. She also founded and chairs Youth Without Borders. Yassmin is also a self confessed petrol head.

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Coffee Shop and Bakery, South Africa

Industry is a community bakery, coffee shop and cafe situated in Johannesburg. Along with the freshly baked goods, African-origin coffee and cafe-menu, Industry also hosts movie & documentary screenings, painting and Arabic calligraphy classes, cake demos and cupcake decorating classes for children. Industry supports the creative and artistic community by providing them with a platform to express themselves.

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Creative Strategist, Canada

Hafsa is a twenty something creative strategist, artist, and brand stylist that loves yellow. She has been using art as healing therapy for many years and found a magical escape in her creative photography for the Traumatic Stains Project. She is publishing her first book “When Tears Don’t Dry” in 2016. She is also the founder of ‘The Reminder Series’, handmade Islamic art. She can be found at

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Artist & Designer, Australia

Peter Gould’s influence as a designer, creative entrepreneur and artist extends far beyond the borders of his native Australia. He founded and runs a successful international strategic branding firm. Peter’s artwork is exhibited in galleries around the world. He has launched his own apps and games, created popular online platforms, teaches workshops internationally and has work published in several books.

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Product Designer, Malaysia

Akmal Farid is a product designer and modern sewist from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Having recently moved from Scotland, she creates contemporary faceless hijabi dolls and children inspired handmades catering to the modern Muslim family under her brand label ‘Dzaltastic’. She is driven by her love for children, crafting and entrepreneurship with inspirations from pretty fabrics, Islamic art and the everyday lives of Muslims around the globe.

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Designer, California

Farrukh Ershad is a designer based in California, USA. He is the founder and creative director of the fashion powerhouse which specialises in clothing items based on the cultures of Islam.

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Freelance Photographer, Trinidad and Tobago

Shaista Deen is a 19 year old Caribbean based Freelance Photographer. She is pursuing a degree in Fashion Management and Photojournalism. She is passionate about using photography to share her perspective and express the untold stories of people and cultures around the world.

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Coordinator, Palestine/USA

Aminah AbuSway is a Palestinian/American currently residing in New York City. She received her BA in English Literature and MA in Jerusalem studies. She is currently an extended learning time coordinator at a high school in Brooklyn, and thinks that working with students is truly amazing. Aminah has a love for photography and tries to take photos whenever she can.

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Calligraffiti Artist, Tunisia

INKMAN is a calligraffiti artist & freelance graphic designer from Tunisia. His unique style creates fusion between Latin letters and the oriental spirit of the Arabic calligraphy. He shares love and peace through his letters and artworks with the rest of the world.

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Freelance Photographer, USA/Yemen

Abbas, aged 20, is a photographer from the United States of America. His Instagram feed is inspired heavily by the scenes he has captured in Tarim, Yemen. Abbas utilises his incredible skill to capture the beauty of Islam in his photos.

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Creative Designer, UK

Rooful, unique by name and nature, is a Chartered Accountant who has taken his passion for all things creative to new levels. Humbled to be recognised as a leading photographer specialising in Muslim weddings, events and fashion, he has also been fortunate to capture the ‘faces and places’ across the Ummah, documenting stories across Europe, Asia and Africa. Alongside the photography, he undertakes contemporary graphic design and branding assignments.

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Social Worker, Kenya

Farah Khad is a social worker for survivors of sexual and gender-based violence in Dadaab refugee camp. Her goal is to contribute a different narrative to the refugee saga: one of hope and opportunity. She loves unscripted storytelling, Liverpool FC., and that feeling you get after a good stretch.

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Engineer, Antarctica

Daleel Lilla hails from Cape Town with a passion for travel and photography. He is currently the radar engineer with the 54th South African National Antarctic Expedition. Daleel is responsible for the operation and upkeep of scientific instruments at the South African Antarctic base (SANAE IV).

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Chemical engineer, South Africa

Muhammed Vawda is a chemical engineer who works predominantly in the mining industry and has travelled extensively as a result. Coupled with his love of photography and adventure, he has endeavoured to capture the world’s landscapes through his viewfinder - Always in awe of His creation.

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A Sisterhood, Morocco/Singapore

The Shawl Label is based between​ ​Morocco and Singapore and are super​ ​big on sisterhood & fabrics stitched with purpose. Their main mission is to build and grow a sisterhood of ladies who want to pursue self-betterment, empower one another & to stand proud in their own completeness. ​Every Tuesday, The Shawl Label sends out a love letter ​to the ladies on their mailing list ​and ​also ​produces the ‘Woman Up’ podcast.

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IT Director, USA

Babur works as an IT Director with Reuters New, Editorial & Media. He enjoys taking pictures of landscapes, wildlife and his two daughters(the line is blurry between them and the wildlife category). He is also involved with HPS, a charity school run by his family in Kashmir.

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Inspired Architect, South Korea

Naeem Adam is an inspired architect with an inquired mindfulness about the world, its diverse people and cultures, and its various processes. He has a passion for design, education, philosophy, culture and global awareness.

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Chef/Caterer, South Africa

Chill Chocolate Chefs is a gourmet food company with a difference. Their products are uniquely created from the freshest ingredients and presented with an earthy panache and contemporary twist. Chilli Chocolate offers a wide spectrum of services in catering, training, food innovations, gifting and more.

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Teacher, Jamaica

Wafa Judas is a Toronto based high school French and History teacher. Wafa works with a small Muslim community in Jamaica. Together they organize eco-friendly and health conscious retreats in the Jamaican countryside. Sip of Love Retreats are very diverse; from Yoga to photography to fitness and adventure, The only requirement is that their guests travel with heart open and spirit ready.

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Full-time Mum, Netherlands

Hodan Yusuf is a 24 year old Somali- Dutch mum with 4 beautiful children. She is married to her high-school sweetheart and currently resides in the Netherlands. Hodan strongly advocates for interracial marriages saying that ‘marrying outside your race shouldn’t be a revolutionary thing to do in our Muslim society.’ She hopes that this generation and the next can create positive change and believes that it’s time for Muslims to unite as one.

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Beauty Therapist and Field Guide, South Africa

Safwanah is a 24 year old health and skin care therapist who is currently studying toward being a field guide and game ranger. She has a passion for the bush and wildlife photography.

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Student, Saudi Arabia

@makkahx is run by a Muslimah who loves to capture and share pictures of Masjid-al-Haram and Masjid-al-Nabawi to Muslims from around the globe. Makkahx adds updates their account almost daily with incredible images from within the sacred cities of Makkah and Madinah.

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Full-time mother, Maldives

Munshida Mahomed is a full-time mom based in the Maldives. She enjoys capturing local history in her photography. She submitted this, one of her favourite shots of the oldest mosque in Maldives (established 1658). The mosque is built out of coralstone and is surrounded by a 17th century cemetery.

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Graphic Designer, Zanzibar - Tanzania

Jambo! Nasrin Suleiman’s instagram feed captures her journey back to her homeland, Zanzibar. She has met wonderful people and has learned about her culture through her exploration and photography of both land and sea.

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Comedian - Joke Teller - Smile Maker, South Africa

Yaaseen is a Cape Town based award winning comedian (2015 Newcomer of the Year at the Comics Choice Awards). He has a love for puns, corny jokes and his Instagram. Yaaseen says that all he wants to do is ‘show the world the lighter side of life’.

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Electronic Engineer, Pakistan

Idualy is a self-described nerd from Lahore who enjoys Sci-Fi movies and Animes and keeping abreast with the latest scientific discoveries. She is a perfectionist who enjoys capturing the world from unsuspecting angles. She does not own her own camera and borrows one from friends when she needs to. She believes that anyone can capture something beautiful if they set their mind to it.

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Engineering Student,Morocco

Abdelbari Abbasi is a 20 year old Moroccan boy who loves taking pictures with his mobile phone. He tries to capture everyday life in Morocco, away from the stereotypical image of camels and snake charmers.

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Director - Haji Public School, Kashmir

Dubai born, Sabbah Haji worked in media until 2009 when she resigned and moved back to her remote ancestral village, Breswana, situated in the mountains of Jammu and Kashmir. Sabbah is now director, trainer and teacher of Haji Public School in Breswana. Sabbah is a lover of good food, words, sarcasm and animals and has been dubbed as ‘India’s rural rockstar’.

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YouTuber, USA

Yasemin Kanar, better known as YazTheSpaz, is an eclectic 26 year old born and raised in Miami, Florida. Coming from a unique background - half Cuban and half Turkish - she is culturally diversified in all aspects of art. Yaz is known for her unique hijab styles, beautiful sense of modest and elegant fashion, and has shared her talents on YouTube for the world to see, appreciate and be inspired.

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Spoken Word Poet, UK/USA

Kashmir Maryam is a Spoken Word Performing Poet originally from the UK, now residing in the US. Competing in slam competitions both nationally and internationally since the age of 14, her recent achievements have been her feature in the movie ‘We Are Poets’ which has already premiered in Europe, soon to be premiered further. Maryam’s inspiration is her faith, and the belief that the world can be changed through the power of words.

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Photo Journalist, Kashmir

Showkat Shafi is a freelance photojournalist. He is passionate about photojournalism and the impact the visual image has in portraying the truth. He is interested in telling the untold stories, has over six years of experience and has been published in Al Jazeera English, The New York Times and Reuters amongst others.

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Youtuber & Designer, UK

Nabiilabee is a 22 year old Hijabi Youtuber, Blogger, Stylist and Fashion Designer based in the UK. She has been vlogging since 2011 and has thousands of hijabi followers from around the globe.

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Photographer, Canada

Halima Jama is a photographer and artist based in Toronto Canada. Halima sees photography less as a form of work but rather as a gift that allows her to capture and remember special moments for years to come. She is an avid Visual Storyteller of Life, who enjoys to photograph ordinary, everyday people.

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Cultural Producer, USA

Asad Ali Jafri is a cultural producer, global arts leader, and multidisciplinary artist. Asad works through his company, Sukoon Creative, and is also one of the founding directors of the Foundation for Muslim Culture.

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